Recycling Plastics

Recycle Your plastics by Number

PETE #1. Recycling symbol with a 1.Polyethylene terephthalate 

Recycle in your cart.

Single-use food grade items, which include water and soda bottles. For one-time use ONLY.

HDPE #2. Recycling symbol with a 2.High-density polyethylene


Food grade items, which include milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and detergent bottles. 

PVC #3. Recycling symbol with a 3.Polyvinyl Chloride

No, do not recycle.
Put non-construction debris in the trash.

*The City does not collect
construction debris!*

Hard plastics such as pipes, mailboxes, medical supplies, and vinyl house siding.  

LDPE #4. Recycling symbol with a 4.Low-density Polyethylene

NO, do not recycle. 
You can recycle film plastics at your local grocery store or put these in the trash.

Film plastics. Such as plastic shopping bags, bread bags, and produce bags. 

PP #5. Recycling symbol with a 5.Polypropylene


Food safe plastics. This type of plastic is commonly used to make ketchup bottles and yogurt tubs.

PS #6. Recycling symbol with a 6.Polystyrene/styrofoam

No, do not recycle.
Put these items in the trash.

Styrofoam packing material has little to no value in the recycling market.

OTHER #7. Recycling symbol with a 7.OTHER

Bring #7 Bulky Plastics to the Recycling Drop-off (RDC) Center for Proper Disposal.

Hard and durable plastics. Bulky items, such as furniture, large toys, and coolers.

Looking for a printable guide to help you properly recycle your plastics? Follow this link to print a copy.

Plastic Recycling By Number - Printable Guide