Trainee Program

Photos (From Left to Right)  Row 1: - Asphalt Crew filling in the gutter line of the road with aspha

The City of Framingham, working with representatives of the Public Works Laborers Union 1156, established a Trainee Program. This program allows candidates that may not have the necessary licensure requirements to obtain a permanent position within the Framingham Department of Public Works.

Candidates must have their Commercial Driver’s License Permit (CDL) and demonstrate the attitude and aptitude for the position. Candidates selected for the program will receive an offer of employment, with an agreement to obtain the required CDL and hoisting licensure within six months. The City works with and “sponsors” trainees in the program to help them obtain the required licenses. 

Members of our Trainee Program receive full benefits of the Union’s collective bargaining agreement. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Framingham Public Works Department 508-532-5600.

To view our current employment opportunities, please visit: