Worcester Road 9/90 Water Main

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Update

The water main on Worcester Road between Crossing Boulevard and the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90) overpass consists of an 8-inch diameter unlined cast iron water main from the early 1900's. Cast iron pipe is typically subject to interior corrosion and tuberculation, resulting in reduced flow capacity. In addition, this water main is located in a sensitive area and is often prone to breaks. This infrastructure is near the end of its reliable service life.

The scope of this water main project includes:

  • Replacement of approximately 1,700 linear feet of water main, using 8-inch ductile iron.
  • Replacement of all water services located within the limits of the project, this includes service lines to the water shut-offs and fire hydrants.

The improvements will positively contribute to minimize potential risks of failures in the future as well as adding robustness to the overall infrastructure within that aforementioned area.