Youth Council

image of logo for the youth council

The Youth Council will be comprised of 13 young people (one from each of Framingham’s nine districts nominated by the City Council; two nominated by City Councilors at large; and two nominated by the Mayor) who are 13-22 years old. The Youth Council will serve as an entry to local government, report to the City Council and also will make recommendations to the Mayor and School Committee if requested.


The council’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Evaluating and reviewing issues facing youth in the City
  • Representing youth in the City of Framingham, and advising elected officials and other policy makers regarding matters of interest or concern to young people
  • Providing information to and advocating before public entities including the mayor, municipal government, state government, federal government, police, school districts, and high education institutions, in support of young people in the City of Framingham
  • Providing a structure for all young people in Framingham to learn the value of civic participation and thereby encouraging lifelong participatory residents
  • Offering policy recommendations on issues affecting and of interest to young people
  • Engaging with young people in Framingham to informing them of opportunities and listening to their suggestions regarding how the community can better serve its residents

Application (Deadline July 10, 2020)