Financing and funding Opportunities

There are some great programs available to help move a solar project forward for your home or business. Two of the best places to get started in your search for funding opportunities include the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) as well as the Massachusetts Energy Savings Assistant. Some opportunities currently available include: 

0% HEAT Loan: This Mass Save program could offer you a no-interest loan that you can utilize to implement upgrades such as a solar hot water heating system. 

Mass Solar LoanThis Mass CEC program can serve as an additional source of financing, offering applicants a low-interest, fixed-term loan for residents to install small-scale solar energy systems. 

Solar Access: The Solar Access Program is both a renewable and energy efficiency program that helps middle-income homeowners access affordable renewable energy. The program will help fund and finance the installation of a solar energy system paired with air-source heat pumps for qualifying applicants.