Concord Street


The Department of Public Works will continue roadway restoration/improvements on Concord Street from Old Connecticut Path (OCP) to Cherry Street (3,200 LF).  Work includes a finish course on the pavement, new drainage on the east side of the roadway between OCP and Hardy Street, the realignment of the intersection of Concord and Summer Street, granite curbing and new cement concrete sidewalk, and ADA compliant wheelchair ramps.  

The majority of the work will take place during the daytime.  Paving along Concord Street will require night-work and traffic will be detoured.  Traffic management plans (TMP) for the work area will be implemented to ensure the safety of residents, traffic and workers; a map of the TMP will be made available on the project webpage.

Consultant—BETA Group, Inc.



Construction is scheduled for April 2019.* 


Framingham Public Works seeks to minimize any inconveniences to residents while roadwork improvements are taking place. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or visit our website for more information: 

DPW Highway Office Phone 508-532-6030

Ronald Luoma, Project Supervisor

Diane Hayes, Project Engineer    

*Construction is contingent on available funding.