City Seal Development Committee


The Framingham Seal Development Committee seeks opinions from the Framingham residents to help set our design priorities for the new Framingham seal. Please take a moment to complete this confidential survey before November 19, 2018. 

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OUR Mission Statement

The mission of the Framingham City Seal Development Committee is to create a new city seal that represents the essence of Framingham. Through our research and exploration, together with the community, we will reflect on Framingham’s past, present, and future. We will consider a multitude of positive Framingham attributes including but not limited to its diversity and culture, opportunity, sense of community, history and landmarks, industry and economy, education, and arts and recreation. 

The current Framingham seal includes the following features: a circular seal with ‘Town of Framingham’ around the top and ‘Incorporated 1700’ around the bottom. The center contains a shield with the words ‘Danforth Farm 1662’ and a wheel representing industry. Above the shield is a view of Framingham State May Hall and around the bottom are sheaves of wheat representing agriculture. Around the outside of the seal is a braid representing the bonnets made in Framingham.The new seal might include representations of Framingham’s past, present, and future. It might include significant images that identified with Framingham or depict the essence of Framingham.



 Name  Seat  Term Expiration
 Lisa Ferguson  Chair  N/A
 Joel Winett  Vice-Chair  N/A
 Rob Levine  Clerk  N/A
 Richard Finlay  Member  N/A
 Allison Guzman  Member  N/A
 Renan Pinheiro  Member  N/A
 Fred Wallace  Member  N/A