Linda/Wickford/Fenway Intersection Improvements

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The existing intersection at Linda Avenue, Wickford Road, Fenway Drive requires realignment and pavement resurfacing.  The work involves modifying the curb line to better align the intersection of Linda Avenue and Wickford Road.  The result will be improved safety and operation of the intersection by slowing traffic (particularly traffic turning from Wickford Road), moving the stop line and crosswalk closer to the intersection, and improved sight lines for traffic entering Wickford Road. Additionally, pedestrians will benefit from a shorter crossing of Linda Avenue, as well as ADA compliant sidewalk and crosswalk improvements. The DPW will landscape and maintain the previously paved areas.

Affected roadways will include Linda Avenue, Wickford Road, Fenway Drive and the surrounding neighborhood.   A traffic management plan (TMP) for the work area will be implemented to ensure the safety of residents, traffic and workers.

View a map of the project limits.