Trench-Identifying Pavement Markers

In an effort to more efficiently distinguish ownership of paved trenches in the City, the Department of Public Blue Pavement MarkerWorks employs a pavement marker program. The program involves the installation of color coded pavement markers that are assigned to different areas of work:  

DPW Water – BLUE  

DPW Sewer – GREEN  

DPW Highway/Drainage – WHITE  

DPW Capital – PURPLE  

DPW Street Opening Permit Inspector – ORANGE (Temporary pavement remaining minimum 120 days) RED (Permanent pavement)

The markers will display the year the work was completed, which along with specific color, will more easily allow staff to identify the specific project the trench was dug for. This program allows for a more transparent process and overall enhanced restoration results.

Program Benefits

  • Low-cost and high-value benefits to enable easy identification of trenching ownership with or without having to search through street opening permits.
  • Facilitates quicker and reduced Department resource efforts to track down trench ownership and efforts to respond to any reported resident or internal inquiry associated with any paving defects.
  • Promotes transparent and efficient way of conducting business, benefitting both the City workforce and residents of Framingham.

Marker Installation Guidelines

Each respective Division is responsible for the installation of the applicable color-coded pavement markers for all trenching and paving restoration work completed.  The approximate location placement of markers shall be made as follows:

  1. Spot Trench
  2. Long Trench
  3. Lateral Trench
  4. Spot Box/Casting Trench

Spot trench work requires two markers placed at opposite diagonal trench corner points. 


Spot Trench