Station 2 Where Are You? Determining the Best Location for a Fire Station

Protecting our citizens and our homes

Historic Image of Saxonville Fire Station

The Framingham Fire Department had a difficult question to answer: What are the effects of closing and relocating the fire station that serves the Saxonville area of Framingham?

Located at Watson Place, Station 2 was built in 1901 to provide fire response for the area.  The station is too small to fit modern fire apparatus. Parts of the station are no longer habitable. The City decided to solve these problems by relocating to a new fire station. By analyzing data from Fire Incident reports, the department would be able to make an informed decision about the new location.

One part of the analysis for arriving at the best solution involves time. The Fire Department uses incident reporting software from both Keystone Public Safety and Firehouse Software to track a number of significant time measures: the time a call for service comes in (alarm time); the time the dispatcher notifies the station (notify time); the time the apparatus rolls out (enroute time); the time the apparatus arrives at the scene (arrival time); the time the apparatus is available again to take another assignment (available on radio); and the time the apparatus is back in the station (available in quarters).

The Fire Department takes these times very seriously. Time may matter more than any other factor when determining the outcome of a life threatening incident. These times are reported to the State Fire Marshal's office and to the U. S. Fire Administration. Times are reported for each responding unit for every service call.

Here is part of the data the Fire Department is using to make informed decisions. The map shows the incident responses for Station 2 in 2015. As you zoom in, the individual incidents will be shown on the map with a summary of the type of incident.

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