Transparency Center

FY22 Open Checkbook

A list of all expenditures year-to-date for Fiscal Year 2022.  Please note, this is a large (4MB) full searchable PDF file and may take time to download. 


Curious about how Framingham compares to other communities with similar demographics? ClearGov provides snapshots of current and historic data for Framingham and other communities across the nation.

  • Budget vs. Actual Revenue and Expenditures
  • Amount of debt and debt service cost
  • Cost per capita for services and divisions

Information is presented in charts and graphs that let you “drill-down” to greater detail.


Public Records Requests

Framingham tracks every request for public records. Even the list of requests is a public record! You can search this list and the associated responses using the City’s online request service. Many requests are for financial information, but there is a wide range of other information. Sample requests include:

  • Payroll Records
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Fee Collection Records

Over 3,000 requests are available online as of May, 2018.

Online Archive

City operations generate large amounts of information. Framingham has operated for over 300 years so there is A LOT of historic information. Some of the information available:

  • Annual Reports
  • Election Results
  • City Bylaws
  • Video Recordings of Past Meetings

As the City works to digitize and preserve copies of old paper records, more information will be added to the Archive.

Assessor’s Database

How has the assessed value of property in Framingham changed over time? The City Assessor maintains property information available for inquiry 24/7 including:

  • Ownership
  • Current and Prior Year Assessment
  • Sales History
  • Structure Details

Public Meeting Portal

Want to know how your City decides where to budget and spend your taxes? Take a look at the agendas, minutes, supporting information, and video records for the various financial groups in the City.

  • Meeting Minutes (see the 1945 minutes from the Board of Selectmen!)
  • Board of Assessors, Capital Budget Committee, City Council Finance Subcommittee, School Committee – Finance and Operations Subcommittee
  • Current Members of Committees and Boards