FY2019 City of Framingham Operating Budget

Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer presented the FY2019 City of Framingham Operating Budget to the City Council for their review. The budget was carefully crafted to be cost-conscious and concentrating on Framingham’s future. The budget plan focuses on areas identified by the Mayor’s Transition Plan:

  • · Smooth Transition to City Form of Government
  • · Excellence in Education and Schools
  • · Invigorating our Economy: Planned Growth, Balanced Development
  • · Preservation of Assets, Resources and Quality of Life
  • · Investing in Our People

Budget Components

The first City budget initiates or completes all of the provisions required by the Charter and includes recommendations provided by the Mayor’s Transition Team. Several initiatives recommended by community advocates, Division Heads, and City Councilors were also taken into consideration. The Administration has thoroughly reviewed all budget components to ensure that the City is only spending what is necessary to provide quality services to our citizens. View the following budget: