Salem End Road Roadway Surface Treatment

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Update

Salem End Road is scheduled for resurfacing from the Reservoir Bridge to Badger Road. 

Layering the Structure of the New Road

First sections of the roadway will receive a structural pavement treatment that involves the removal of the existing surface layer with a milling machine and the replacement of the milled location with new asphalt. Then the roadway will receive a Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI) surface treatment which creates a highly durable surface. The treatment consists of a hot pre-coated 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch crushed stone placed over a thick hot-applied crumb rubber modified asphalt (CRMA). This CRMA is composed of performance graded asphalt blended with ground rubber from recycled tires. 

SAMI is intended to delay reflective cracking on the roadway due to its highly resilient waterproof membrane and strength and flexibility to absorb movements in the pavement. SAMI is similar to a rubber chip seal, but it used between layers of hot mix asphalt for a different purpose than surface treatment. It is utilized to extend the service life of various roadway treatments. 

Bonded Wearing Course

Lastly, a Bonded Wearing Course will be installed. This includes sealing the road surface with a polymer modified asphalt emulsion sprayed onto the road surface followed immediately by an overlay of hot mix asphalt. Castings are raised to the new grade and traffic markings are restored.

Salem End Road bridge deck over the Reservoir will also be resurfaced in accordance with Mass Highway Standards utilizing a micro-milling treatment.