Marble Street Roadway Improvements

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The Marble Street corridor has conflicting and inadequate transportation modes, particularly to and from the intersection with Blandin Avenue, where the road is only wide enough to accommodate one car at a time.


The improvements to this corridor consist of road widening at the southern terminus of Marble Street to Blandin Avenue to create a more formal northbound/southbound throughway with two 11’ wide travel lanes with shoulders. Construction of the new roadway will consist of full-depth construction of new road surface, resurfacing of the utility-impacted roadway on Waverly Street and Blandin Avenue, installing 1,000 linear feet of new concrete sidewalk along the east and west sides of the corridor, and installing new vertical granite curbing.


Several of the City’s existing underground utilities are in need of replacement and will be addressed before the new road and sidewalk surface is installed. These utility improvements include improving the existing roadway drainage system, replacing a 10-inch vitrified clay sewer pipe that dates back to 1926, a 12-inch cast iron water main, and the abandonment of a 6-inch cast iron water main dating back to 1900. Finally, ornamental streetlights will be installed to provide adequate street lighting during the evening hours.


This project is being funded through a MassWorks grant.