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The Phase One Economic Development Plan (Phase One) initiative, is a result of the 2012 / 2014 Master Land Use Plan and supported by Town Meeting in 2016. The intent of Phase One is to collect data and information, to understand a strategic economic plan for Framingham, provide direction for future land uses, while providing guidance for future economic development.

Phase One is a partnering effort with the Traffic Master Plan currently under development by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

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To learn more about Phase One, to find important documentation, or review reports in the Framington Archives.

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Who is Working on Phase One?

Phase One is a collaborative effort and partnership between the Mayor, Municipal Departments, the Planning Board, local and regional stakeholders, RKG Associates, and the community.

  • Municipal Staff Working Group: the Mayor, Division of Community and Economic Development, Planning Board, Chief of Administration and Finance, Public Information Officer.
  • RKG Associates, Inc. (RKG), a company with extensive experience and expertise with respect to municipal strategic planning, market research, and land use practices.
  • Boards and Committees of Interest: City Council, EDIC, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Phase One Working Group: Large and Small Businesses, Commercial Brokers, Land Owners, Citizens At-Large, Chamber of Commerce.
  • Stakeholders: Framingham Community, Large and Small Businesses, Commercial Brokers, Land Owners, etc.
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