Lanewood Siphon Replacement

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This project will construct a replacement siphon in a jacked steel casing pipe under the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s aqueduct that meets current design standards, including redundancy and improved access for maintenance. It will also provide for a future non-siphon (gravity) configuration if the sewer elevation is lowered on Waveney Road and Pleasant Streets.

This work requires a short-term temporary closure of Lanewood Avenue between Waveney Road and Briarwood Road to allow crews to perform the work safely and efficiently. Traffic will detour onto Waveney Way to connect with Waveney Road and Pleasant Street.

Following completion of the sewer improvements, the contractor will restore the work zone to its original state. Restoration work includes loaming and seeding land disturbed during construction, resetting curbs, and temporary roadway paving. Final paving is scheduled to take place on September 26th and 27th. 

Project Map