Boston Marathon Invitational Entry Applications

Principles Guiding Allocations in September 28, 2017

A Board of Selectmen appointed Team Framingham Steering Committee will be established to oversee and administer the 2018 Team Framingham fundraising and training program. The Town will utilize a random selection process to allocate what we anticipate will be a minimum of 22 invitational entries for the 2018 Boston Marathon. (An official commitment of these invitational entries is expected in early November from the Boston Athletic Association).


Framingham residents or employees of the Town of Framingham and Framingham Public Schools, Keefe Technical School and the McAuliffe Charter School will be eligible to enter the random selection provided they commit to a fundraising effort to support one of several charities, non-profits, or programs to be designated. Former Framingham employees who retired from service to Framingham within the last 10 years, with a minimum of 5 years of service, are eligible to submit applications.

There will be a finite number of Framingham based 501(c)(3) charities, non-profits, and programs selected by random drawing following a rigorous application process. Runners selected by the random selection will be required to choose one of the designated charity, non-profit or programs to conduct fund raising for. The process for the selection of the eligible charities, non-profits and programs has been updated by the Board of Selectmen for the 2018 program and may be further refined in future years.


Runners selected by random selection will commit to a fundraising goal of $3,000 in support of one of the designated charities, non-profits or programs. A minimum fundraising obligation of $1,500 must be met to prevent the runner from being excluded from participating in future Team Framingham programs. The fundraising goal and minimum obligation may be increased from year to year as the Team Framingham program evolves.

We will not require credit card numbers but if a runner selected for a number fails to reach the minimum fundraising obligation, they will not be eligible to participate in the random selection in subsequent years. The matter of requiring credit card numbers will be reviewed each year and may change depending upon whether there are runners who do not achieve the minimum fundraising requirement.

Running Club

The partnership with the Greater Framingham Running Club will be continued in support of the runners and their training.

Team Framingham

We will continue to promote a ‘Team Framingham’ brand and will encourage runners selected to run to do two things: first, get connected to a marathon training mentor; and second, participate in a Town/City sponsored fundraising seminar.


View the Runner Application (PDF).