75 A Street (PB-16-17)

Pursuant to the Framingham Zoning By-Law (Sections II.B, IV.B, IV.E, and VI.F) and the General By-Laws (Article VI, Section 8) the Framingham Planning Board will hold a series of public hearings to consider the application of the Town of Framingham for a Site Plan Review, Special Permit for Reduction in Off-Street Parking, and Public Way Access Permit. The property is located at 75 A Street (67 A Street); zoned Single Family (R-1); and recently divided from 67 A Street Street and still listed as Framingham Assessor's Parcel ID: 050-32-4001-000. The project will include the construction of a municipal fire station, off-street parking, stormwater management, landscaping, and other associated site improvements.

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Important Dates

  • Public Hearing Dates: July 27, 2017 and August 17, 2017

Important Project Documents

Follow the Plan-Build-Grow Logo below to access the project application, legal ad, site plans, and other important documents.

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Have comments/Questions/Suggestions?

Please contact the Planning Board either by emailing Amanda Loomis or contacting the office.