1060 Grove Street (PB-15-17) Active Adult Housing

Pursuant to the Framingham Zoning By-Law (Sections IV.B, IV.E, V.F, V.H, V.I, VI.E, and VI.F), the Framingham General By-Laws (Article VI Section 8 and Article VI Section 10), M.G.L c. 40, Section 15C, and M.G.L. c. 41 the Framingham Planning Board will hold a public hearingto consider the application of Winch Millwood Realty Trust II for Site Plan Review, Special Permits for Land Disturbance/Land Disturbance Stormwater Management, Active Adult Housing, a Public Way Access Permit, and a Scenic Roadway Modification. The Applicant proposes to construct 50 new duplex (100 units and renovation of the existing carriage house for three units, along with the construction of new roads, utilities, landscaping, drainage infrastructure, and associated site improvements at 1020 Grove Street, 1060 Grove Street, 1062 Grove Street, 1062A Grove Street, 2 Winch Street, 36 Winch Street, 40 Winch Street, and 40 Winch Street RR. The property is zoned Single Family Residence (R-4).

Image of a man with a hat on drilling into a roof, text reads, "Projects Under Review 2017."

Important Project Documents

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Have comments/Questions/Suggestions?

Please contact the Planning Board either by emailing Amanda Loomis or contact the office.

Aerial Map of 1060 Grove Street project area and the surrounding area.