Zoning Board of Appeals

NOTICE: Case No. 19-06, 1500 Worcester Road--Applicant has requested to delay the hearing until June 12. There will be no deliberation on May 8.


The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the Special Permit Granting Authority for certain projects as required under the Zoning Bylaw. The ZBA also hears appeals by parties aggrieved by a decision of the Building Commissioner, and may issue Variances where the criteria set forth in the Zoning Bylaw have been met.


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ZBA decisions may be accessed by selecting the "Result" in the table.

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File No.
Address Applicant Request 1st Hearing
Decision Date
19-01 25 Eden St.
Paul & Karen Rufo
Variance for deck in side yard setback
February 12
February 28
19-02 1 Grant St.
Howard One Grant LLC
Special Permit for R&D laboratory
February 12
February 28
19-03 3 & 21 Lockland Ave.
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
Appeal relative to exemption for educational use, and Variances for front/rear setbacks
February 12
February 28
19-04 357 Hollis St.
Renata Fialho
Finding for expansion of nonconforming structure and use; Variance for deck in side/rear setback
March 12
March 12
19-05 80A Long Ave.
Jamie & Sara Britton
Variance to build a porch in the required front setback
March 12
March 12
19-06 1500 Worcester Rd.
RSG Group, LLC
Amendment to previous Variance for multi-family dwelling
April 10
19-07 364 Irving St.
VY Properties, LLC
Variances for multi-family dwelling, height, and Floor Area Ratio
April 10
19-08 11 Foley Dr.
Ethan & Nicole Goldstein
Variance for addition within side setback
April 10
19-09 71 Bishop St.
Clinton 100 CPI LLC
Variances for height, Floor Area Ratio, multiple buildings on a lot, and multiple principal uses
April 10