Process, Applications, Fees, and Schedules

ALL Projects require the following:

  • Appropriate Application Cover Letter 
  • Applications completed by the applicant and / or designee
  • Two original paper copies of all forms / applications that require signature
  • Appropriate Application Fee (projects will be considered incomplete until fee is paid)
  • Number of Paper Plans: six half size paper plans (11 x 17) 
  • Application Documentation: two Paper Copies
  • One electronic copy of all materials submitted

*Please email application items for a staff review before submitting hard copies using Planning Board email:

Forms / Applications

The Planning Board reviews projects pursuant to the Building Commissioner's determination, the Framingham Zoning By-Law, the Framingham General By-Laws, and the Master Land Use Plan. Below are the Forms / Applications for the various projects pursuant to the specific regulations. Please download and fill out the applicable applications for your project listed below - if you have any questions please contact the Planning Board Office.


General Forms / Applications

Forms required for both Zoning By-Law and General By-Law Applications

General By-Law Forms / Applications

Forms for projects filing for review pursuant to the Framingham General Ordinances

Fee Schedule

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of the Framingham Planning Board, Article: 14 Regulations Governing Fees and Fees Schedules - all projects shall be required to submit the appropriate application fee prior to review by the Planning Board.

Planning Board Fee Schedule (Updated to begin July 1, 2022)


City of Framingham - 2023 Planning Board Deadlines

 Meeting Dates (Thursdays)
Items Requiring a Public Hearing* Application Deadline (Noon)
Thursday, January 5, 202312/9/2022
Thursday, January 19, 202312/23/2022
Thursday, February 2, 20231/6/2023
Thursday, February 16, 20231/20/2023
Thursday, March 2, 20232/3/2023
Thursday, March 16, 20232/17/2023
Thursday, April 13, 20233/17/2023
Thursday, April 27, 20233/31/2023
Thursday, May 4, 20234/7/2023
Thursday, May 18, 20234/21/2023
Thursday, June 1, 20235/5/2023
Thursday, June 15, 20235/19/2023
Thursday, July 6, 20236/9/2023
Thursday, July 20, 20236/23/2023
Thursday, August 3, 20237/7/2023
Thursday, August 17, 20237/21/2023
Thursday, September 7, 20238/11/2023
Thursday, September 21, 20238/25/2023
Thursday, October 5, 20239/8/2023
Thursday, October 19, 20239/22/2023
Thursday, November 2, 202310/6/2023
Thursday, November 16, 202310/20/2023
Thursday, December 7, 202311/10/2023
Thursday, December 21, 202311/24/2023

All Meetings are held in accordance with the most recent copy of the Framingham Planning Board Rules & Regulations

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change due to COVID-19 State Guidelines. The location of the meeting will be stated on the agenda of the above-mentioned meeting.

Please confirm the date, location, and/or time prior to submitting an application or attending a meeting with Staff at

*Items Requiring a Public Hearing Include: Special Permits (including Modifications and items following SPGA procedures), Site Plan Review, Definitive Subdivisions, Zoning Ordinance Amendments, & Cluster Developments