Projects and Improvement Plans

Capital Improvement Plan

The Framingham Parks and Recreation Department manages and continuously evaluates a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan. The projects identified in this plan fulfill the Departments Mission to “create recreation opportunities, preserve open space, manage public athletic fields and parks, and administer recreation programs and facilities for the varied population of Framingham.”

All School Athletic Fields are included in our Capital Improvement Plan. Our Capital Improvement Plan does not include school owned tennis courts, basketball courts, playground equipment, and other areas not associated with our responsibilities. Those issues are properly placed within the School Department Capital plans. Many school field improvements have taken place through our operational budget and in-house construction capabilities. Preservation of parks and green spaces contributes greatly to the desirability of a community. The current national planning and economic development trends emphasize attention to green spaces, streetscapes and park amenities as key ingredients to economic success. In general, there is a great economic return on Park Capital investments. Projects currently in the design or construction phase include.

Project Location Status
Dog Park Farm Pond Park, Dudley Road Design Phase
Restroom Facilities Cushing Memorial Park, Dudley Road Bid
Pocket Park Construction 150 Irving Street In-Progress
Lower Walsh Field Improvement Walsh Middle School, 301 Brook Street In-Progress
Waushakum Beach  Nipmuc Road Design Phase
Project Location Status
Multi-phase Butterworth Park, Grant Street/Bishop Street Completed
Multi-phase Furber Park, Fairbanks Road Completed
Building Renovation Loring Arena, 165 Fountain Street Completed
SkatePark Construction Farm Pond Park, Dudley Road Completed