Street Sweeping Program

Street Sweeping Reminders

Avoid ticketing and towing by typing in your address and signing up for reminders for street sweeping. Reminders can be sent via text, email, phone call, or calendar reminder.

Urban Sweeping Program

In an effort to keep the streets and waterways of Framingham clean, Framingham Public Works has developed a regular street sweeping schedule specifically for the urban areas of Framingham. Each week, on Tuesdays, April through November, there will be No Parking from 9 a.m. to noon on streets in the southern, urban area of Framingham.

The program is broken out into four areas, each having a different Tuesday of the month. Below, you will find a list of the streets by area, as well as the week of the month there will be sweeping and that parking restrictions will be in effect.

Please observe the newly installed No Parking signs. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Vehicles parked on these streets during the posted times will be ticketed and towed. Please do your part to help keep your neighborhood clean.

Urban Sweeping Area A (First Tuesday) (PDF)

  • Bishop Street: Number 1, Number 2
  • Clark Street
  • Davis Street
  • Franklin Street: Number 2 - Number 156
  • Frederick Street
  • Freeman Street
  • Grant Street: Number 1 - Number 76
  • Henry Street
  • Kendall Street
  • Lexington Street
  • Milton Street
  • Park Place
  • Park Street
  • Pearl Street
  • Proctor Street
  • Richardson Circle
  • Richardson Court
  • Sanger Street
  • Thompson Street
  • Torrey Street
  • William H. Welch Way
  • Avon Street
  • Bethany Road Number 4 - 56
  • Bridges Street
  • Bridges Street ext.
  • Cedar Street
  • Charles Street
  • Clafin Street
  • Clifford Street
  • Coburn Street
  • Cypress Street
  • Hayes Street
  • Highland Street
  • Hilton Street
  • Mellon Street
  • Naples Street
  • Pine Street
  • Saucier Street
  • Waverly Court
  • Winthrop Street
  • Alexander Street
  • Arlington Place
  • Arlington Street
  • Blandin Avenue
  • Columbia Street
  • Eames Street
  • East Street
  • Gordon Street
  • Herbert Street
  • Irving Street Number 46 - Number 280
  • Marble Street
  • Phipps Street
  • Pratt Street
  • Roxanna Street
  • Snow Street
  • South Street
  • Summit Street
  • Taylor Street
  • Waushakum Street
  • Wellington Avenue
  • Beaver Court
  • Beaver Park Road
  • Beaver Street
  • Beaver Terrace Circle
  • Coolidge Street
  • First Street
  • Interfaith Terrace
  • Marian Road
  • Morton Street
  • Picard Terrace
  • Second Street
  • Taralli Terrace
  • Third Street
  • Willis Street

Area Maps:

Annual Street Sweeping

The Highway Division performs an annual City-Wide Street Sweeping Program every spring.

All roads will be posted in advance of the sweepers entering the neighborhoods. Please do not park in the street when posted. Cars will be towed if obstructing street sweeping equipment. Please help us expedite the sweeping process by observing all postings.

Thank you in advance for you continued cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the City of Framingham - Highway Division at 508-532-6030.

Estimated schedule is subject to change due to weather and/or availability of resources.