Stage 4 - Project Review 

About Stage 4

During Project Review, the specific Permit Granting Authority (PGA) will contact the applicant to schedule a meeting to discuss the timelines, review the Permit Checklist (below), and answer any questions about the specific permit requirements and the overall process.

Once an application is deemed complete by the PGA and filed in with the City Clerk (if required), it is distributed to the Technical Review Team (TRT). The TRT will provide comments based on compliance with City standards and procedures, and/or to be considered in the betterment of a project. PGA staff from multiple departments will meet on particular projects that require permits from their respective PGA. The applicant will receive copies of any comment letters received. Applicants may request meetings with individual members of the TRT to discuss specific comments.

Projects requiring Site Plan Review or Special Permits from the Planning Board, as determined by the TRT, may request a project review meeting after a complete application has been submitted (Stage 3). Some projects, due to their complexity, will be required to have a project review meeting with the respective PGA.

The project review meeting allows the applicant and the City to discuss any questions and/or concerns that arose during the initial review and ensure the project details are clearly understood.

Zoning Board of Appeals Checklists

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