Stage 5 - Construction & Conformance

About Stage 5

Once a project has received all necessary permits, the applicant may begin construction. During this phase, the applicant works closely with the Building and Wire Department, Department of Public Works, Fire Department, and the appropriate PGA staff. Details of Construction and Conformance are discussed with applicants at the conclusion of Project Review (Stage 4).


Drop-Off or Mail
Planning Board Office, 150 Concord Street
Room B14, Framingham, MA 01702

Electronic Submittal
Email the Planning Board
Subject Line: Pre-Construction Meeting Request

Conformance Review Team Questions
Call 508-532-5450.

Flow chart of stage five of the conformance review process of plan build grow

Who is Required to have a Pre-Construction Meeting with the Conformance Review Team

All applicants who have received a written decision from the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, or Zoning Board of Appeals shall be required to attend a pre-construction meeting with the Conformance Review Team (CRT). There will be some instances where minor projects may not need a pre-construction meeting. If you have any questions whether your project needs a pre-construction meeting with the CRT, please contact the Permit Granting Authority.

Pre-Construction Meeting

During the pre-construction meeting, the CRT will review the City's construction standards with the applicant's construction team, review all submitted pre-construction meeting documentation, determine points of contact for each of the CRT's reviewers, determine a schedule of recurring on-site meetings, and clearly describe the necessary steps to a obtain the Use and Occupancy Permit.

Conformance Review Team

The CRT is comprised of City staff that represents a particular Permit Granting Authority and Town departments, including: Building Commissioner, Conservation Commission, Department of Public Works, Fire Department, Planning Board, Police Department, and Zoning Board of Appeals. The CRT works to ensure that projects meet City construction standards while working with applicants during the construction phase of projects. The City staff and departments that make up the CRT may vary depending on the scale of certain developments.

Documentation Required by the Conformance Review Team

The CRT meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month starting at 9 a.m. Applicants looking to start the construction phase of their projects are required to request a pre-construction meeting with the Conformance Review Team. The applicant should submit a project timeline, a list of all contacts/construction managers, including a 24 hour contact, and site plans. A pre-construction meeting can be scheduled with the Planning Board Office and all documentation must be submitted electronically to the Planning Board Office as noted below. Documents must be submitted by Wednesday at 3 p.m. of the week prior to be reviewed at the next pre-construction meeting.

What the Applicant can expect from the Conformance Review Team

  • A clear timeline from each member of the CRT to ensure all construction projects are reviewed in a timely manner;
  • An understanding of who the City's conformance reviewers are and who is the point of contact for each requirement;
  • Ensures that all CRT members understand what is expected by the applicant;
  • A process for requesting a modification for approved items; and
  • Clear outline of the conformance review process.

Request for Use and Occupancy Permits

The applicant shall contact the Planning Board to schedule an on-site project review with the CRT before requesting the Use and Occupancy Permit. Following this meeting, the applicant will receive a list of all outstanding items to be completed prior to the issuance of the Use and Occupancy Permit.

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