Stage 3 - Application Submittal

About Stage 3

Stage 3 of the development process starts once an applicant has received the Technical Review Team Report from the Technical Review Team (TRT). The applicant can begin to submit the necessary materials, as specified, to the Permit Granting Authority (PGA), as shown in the figure below. If permits are required from different boards, the sequence and timing of submittals will be noted on the TRT Report.

Upon receipt of the application package, the PGA shall review the application package for completeness in accordance with the PGA’s submittal requirements. Once the PGA deems an application package complete, the application package will be filed with the City Clerk and Project Review (Stage 4) will commence.

Flow chart of stages three into stage four of the plan build grow process

Applications for the Conservation Commission, the Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals can be found below.


  • Applications (Site Plan Review, Special Permit, Public Way Access Permit, Scenic Roadway Modification Permit, Preliminary and Definitive Subdivision, and Approval Not Required)
  • Fee Schedule
  • Applications (Appeals, Findings, Special Permits, Variances)
  • Fee Schedule
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