Permit Framingham: Plan - Build - Grow

Become part of the Permit Framingham: Plan - Build - Grow initiative by building your project or growing your business in Framingham.

About the Program

After Framingham became a Chapter 43D: Expedited Permitting Community in 2013, the City decided to recreate its entire permitting process. Framingham envisioned a permitting process that was easy to use and navigate for all projects, no matter the size.

Framingham has developed an efficient procedure to guide applicants and potential applicants through the permitting process.

Project Development & Review Process

Below is the five stage project development and review process. Click the headers of each stage to be taken to the specific stage webpage, or view a chart showing the overview of the Applicant Development Process (PDF).

Stage One - Preliminary meeting with Community Economic and Development and the Planning Board

Stage one helps an Applicant generate an idea for a project, gain a better understanding of what can be done on the site, and learn the steps required. During Stage One a meeting will be held with the Planning Board Administrator and Building Commissioner to discuss possible options available for the property. If an Applicant already has a project idea for a site, this stage may be skipped.

Stage Two - Pre-Application Project Review and Determination

Stage Two allows Applicants that have an identified property, preliminary documentation regarding the property, and basic site plans and/or architectural plans to meet with the Technical Review Team (TRT) to determine which licenses and permits are required. The TRT will provide comments and clearly layout the necessary process for each license and permit.

Stage Three - Application Submittal Process

Stage Three is when the application(s) are filed with the appropriate Permit Granting Authority  as prescribed in stage two.

Stage Four - Project Review Process

Stage Four is the review process to obtain the necessary licenses and permits applied for through the proper Permit Granting Authority. Once the appropriate page. A has deemed an application(s) from stage three complete, supporting staff of the specific page. A will provide a clear timetable and the explanation for the process.

Stage Five - Construction and Conformance

Stage Five is the construction phase of the project. This stage will require an Applicant to work closely with the Building and Wire Department, Fire Department, and the respective Permit Granting Authority.

Flow chart that provides an overview of the five stages of plan build grow