Hollis Court Parking Lot

The Hollis Court Parking Lot is located in the rear of Tedeschi Food Shops and is available for daily commuter parking on a first-come, first-served basis. The daily parking fee is $5 per day with no overnight parking. Payments are to be made at the pay by space kiosk located in the Hollis Court Parking Lot. The Hollis Court Parking Lot is enforced by the City of Framingham 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Customers who fail to pay in advance at the pay by space kiosk will receive a parking violation and will be towed at the owners expense. Vehicles parked at any City parking facility are parked at the owners risk.

Please Note:

Currently, spaces 5 to 87 are available for daily commuter parking.


Daily Credit Card Payment Fees: 

  • 2.95% for all major credit cards and ACH payments $0.40

The Hollis Court Parking Lot is not affiliated with the MBTA and does not accept any pay by phone apps.

Parking meters throughout the downtown area are 2 hours only and cost $0.25 per 15 minutes.

Further Information

For additional information regarding commuter parking, please contact the Capital Projects and Facilities Management Department at 508-532-5485 or email Facilities Management Department.