Final Water Meter Reading

Final WATER Meter Reading

If you are selling a home in Framingham, please click on the link below to complete the online form to schedule an appointment. The final bill will state how much money is owed on that account as of the final read date. If this process is not completed, the new homeowner will inherit the water and sewer bill from the previous owner. Please see the final bill procedures.

Scheduling a Final Read Appointment

To schedule an appointment for a final reading, please complete the online final read request form. Our Department will respond by email once the request is received.

Municipal Liens & Sales Procedures

When purchasing a piece of property, it is important that all matters regarding outstanding water and sewer charges to the property be finalized with the seller of the property. To ensure that no unpaid charges are passed onto a property buyer, a municipal lien certificate (MLC) should be requested from the Treasurer’s office. The certificate lists any unpaid balances on the property and should be presented at the closing.

MLC's can be requested online or by contacting the Treasurer’s office at 508-532-5430.