Mary Dennison Park - Remediation and Redevelopment

Project Status: Design Phase 

Mary Dennison Park, located on Beaver Street, was constructed over 50 years ago in a phased approach on land acquired from Dennison Manufacturing Company (now Avery Dennison). In 2014, the City of Framingham (then Town) began its planning efforts to upgrade the park. The presence of metals was discovered during soil testing and reported to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). As an immediate response to this contamination, the areas of concern were temporarily closed while being treated and restored for safe use. The City of Framingham continues to work in cooperation with MassDEP and Avery Dennison Manufacturing Company to create an appropriate remediation plan. In addition, Weston & Sampson Engineering developed a park conceptual design incorporating remediation options.

The Division of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs is diligently moving forward with this complex project. Framingham Parks & Recreation has held three community outreach events to present the most recent conceptual park design to the community and gain input from residents. These events were very successful at involving the community in the renovation process of the park. City Officers, Framingham Parks & Recreation, Weston & Sampson Engineering, and Department of Public Health were in attendance to discuss design plans with residents and answer any questions regarding the project. In FY20 The City Council voted unanimously to approve funding for the completion of Phase II and IV of park remediation, utility work, and park construction. The goal of this project is to fully remediate and create an updated, vibrant park that meets the social, physical, and economic needs of the community in this environmental justice neighborhood. Parks amenities included in the design plans are a Softball Field, Multi-use Field (synthetic turf), Volleyball Court, Walking Paths, Green Space, Playgrounds for toddlers and pre-teens, Basketball Courts, a Splash Pad, Skate Spot, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, a Pavilion with restrooms and concessions, Upgraded Utilities, and Parking for 110 vehicles. See diagram below.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Framingham Parks & Recreation at 508-532-5960.

MORE UPDATES TO COME............................

Mary Dennison Park Improvement Plan

2020 Mary Dennison Park - Preferred Conceptual Plan of Planned Renovations

Mary Dennison Community Day May 14, 2016

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