Winter Storm Management (For Residents)


The Highway Division works diligently to provide a reasonably safe travel environment both during and after winter storm events. This effort involves the plowing and treating of:

  • 550 lane miles of public roadway
  • 38 municipal and school parking facilities
  • 115 miles of sidewalks and public pathways

Learn more in the Snow Plowing and Parking Bylaws (PDF).

Pre-Treating & Anti-Icing

These techniques are used to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement surface, creating a more effective and efficient method of snow removal by using approximately 6 times less material.


If your mailbox that is damaged by a plow, please contact the Highway Division at 508-532-6030.

Parking Bans

Parking is banned on 1 side of all streets in Framingham, running annually from January 1 to December 31. On odd years, parking is permitted only on the odd side of the street. In even years, parking is permitted only on the even side of the street. Any vehicle obstructing plowing operations will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense.

Weather Emergency

Whenever impending weather conditions indicate a hazard or impairment of transportation, the movement of food and fuel supplies, fire, police, and/or medical services of the City, the Mayor, on the advice and counsel of the Director of Public Works, the Police Chief, and the Fire Chief shall declare a weather emergency.

During a weather emergency, no driver of any vehicle shall park their vehicle on the following arterial roadways:

  • Beacon Street
  • Belknap Road
  • Bishop Street
  • Brook Street
  • Central Street
  • Cochituate Road
  • Concord Street
  • Edgell Road
  • Franklin Street
  • Gates Street
  • Grove Street
  • Hartford Street
  • Hollis Street
  • Howard Street
  • Irving Street
  • Lincoln Street
  • Potter Road
  • Salem End Road
  • School Street
  • Summer Street
  • Temple Street
  • Union Avenue
  • Water Street
  • Waverly Street
  • Winter Street
  • Winthrop Street

Winter Sand

Winter Sand is available for residents at the Recycling Center at 255 Mount Wayte Avenue for use with a valid permit. Sand barrels are also located throughout the city near most hills. For a complete list, please call the Highway Division at 508-532-6030.