Permits & Plan Review


You can apply and pay online with a credit card for the following permit applications:

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Certification -  The Governor has issued an Executive Order postponing indefinitely the requirements for 26F certificates for real estate sales (more information forthcoming) due to the Coronavirus State of Emergency.
  • Sprinkler System* - Application for Service or Installation of a Sprinkler System. 
  • Fire Alarm System* - Application for Service or Installation of a Fire Alarm System.
  • Oil Burner - Application for Installation or Service of Fuel Oil Burner and Storage of Fuel Oil
  • Flammable Fluids - Application for Storage and Use of Flammable Fluids

*Please review the new Pilot Program for Permits to Disconnect Fire Alarm Systems, effective 5/16/19.


The design and modification of fire protection systems is regulated by the Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR) and, therefore, a Building Permit must be issued prior to any work. If the fire system work involves the shutdown, disconnection or obstruction of existing fire system equipment, Section 27A in Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General Laws requires that an additional permit be obtained beforehand from the Fire Department.

Application for a 27A Fire Department Permit may be submitted by visiting the Fire Prevention Office. 27A Fire Department Permits can only be issued if the Building Permit has been issued and an impairment plan is submitted that is acceptable to the Fire Department.

The following checklist explains the necessary submittals in order to apply for the Building Permit:

Per the State Building Code (Section 107.6.2), the following forms will need to be submitted by the registered design professional that will take responsibility for making sure the fire equipment is designed and installed correctly:

The following is the application for 27A Permit from the Fire Department: