The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) treats the water we receive in Framingham at its Carroll Water Treatment Plant in Marlborough, MA before it arrives at our homes by traveling through the MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel.

It then travels through Framingham’s local pipes, serving each street, and is eventually carried into buildings through each owner’s private water service connections.

Lead Testing

The Department participates in the Federal Lead Sampling program which requires scheduled sampling at determined locations throughout Framingham. The MWRA offers a list of laboratories that offer testing for lead in your water. The water supplied to you by the MWRA and the City's water main system is lead-free. However, once it enters your own private service, it could come in contact with:

  • Brass fixtures
  • Soldering
  • Unknown lead piping

The benefit of having your water tested is that you can detect whether you have any lead in your own pipes or fixtures. It is not mandatory and it is up to the homeowner to pay for the test (average price = $25).


Did you know that Framingham has already replaced all of its known lead services? Through a comprehensive Lead Service Replacement Program (LSRP) beginning in 2005, the City investigated all known or suspected lead service lines and worked with the property owners to get the service replaced from the main to the meter. The last lead service was replaced in April of 2016 completing Framingham’s LSRP. 

Visit the MWRA's website for what you need to know about lead in drinking water.

2021 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Can be viewed online here. Hard copies were mailed to residents in June 2022. Additional printed copies are available at the following locations:

  • DPW Operations Center, 100 Western Avenue
  • DPW Administration/Water and Wastewater Billing, 110 Western Avenue
  • Main Library, 49 Lexington Street
  • McAuliffe Branch Library, 746 Water Street 
  • Callahan Center, 535 Union Avenue