Infrastructure Repairs


In the City of Framingham there are:

  • More than 250 miles of water main
  • Over 17,000 service connections

All emergencies involving a water main or the pressure side of a water service are attended to by Water Department construction crews immediately. Necessary excavations are planned and repairs made to restore normal water service to affected customers as soon as possible.

Lead Service Replacement Program

Did you know that Framingham has already replaced all of its known lead services? Through a comprehensive Lead Service Replacement Program (LSRP) beginning in 2005, the City investigated all known or suspected lead service lines and worked with the property owners to get the service replaced from the main to the meter.

The last lead service was replaced in April of 2016 completing Framingham’s LSRP. The brochure on the right from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) contains information about lead in drinking water, how it gets in the water and what can be done to minimize it. Please keep in mind that the leading contributor to lead in water is the service line and if you live in Framingham, this is no longer a concern.


If you have any questions about Framingham’s water, please call 508-532-6050.