Private Sewer Service Problems

Property Owner Responsibilities
The property owner is responsible for their sewer service pipe and connection, which runs from the dwelling or facility into the sewer main. If a problem is determined to lie on the service then it is up to the homeowner to take any measures necessary to correct it.

Health & Safety Issues
In cases where there are public health and safety issues, the appropriate town jurisdiction will take enforcement action to ensure the problems are attended to.

When a sewer stoppage occurs, you don’t usually know whether the clog is in the sewer main or private sewer service so we recommend that you call the Wastewater Department immediately at 508-532-6060.

Problem Resolution
We will respond immediately to check the main and take any measures necessary to resolve the issue promptly.

If it is determined that the main is operating efficiently, and the problem lies in the private service, then we will inform the property owner that the issue is private and requires that they hire a drain cleaner or plumber of their choice.