Public Works Construction Standards

Welcome to the Department of Public Works Construction Standards.  The Department introduced new Standards in March 2009 and issued revision for 2014.  These standards provide specifications and details for the most common construction installation of the water, sewer, drainage and roadway infrastructure in the City. The specifications can be viewed as separate sections or as an entire document using Adobe® Reader®.  The details can be viewed using Adobe® Reader® or as AutoDesk® AutoCAD®  drawings (must have version 2008 or later).

Construction Standards

Section  Section Title  Standard Specification 
 TOC Cover, Table of Contents and Definitions  Table of Contents and Definitions
 1 General  Section 1 - General
 2 Water Section 2 - Water
3 Sewer Section 3 - Sewer
4 Drainage Section 4 - Drainage
5 Roadway Section 5 - Roadway (new)
6 Roadway Section 6 - Roadway (Existing)
 APP Appendices
A - Plan Content Requirements
B - Construction Details
 Entire 2017 Construction Standards Entire Document

General Details

Detail Detail Title  PDF File  AutoCAD 
G-1.0.0 Fiber Rolls & Silt Fences for Erosion Control G-1.0.0 G-1.0.0

Water Detail

Detail  Detail Title PDF  AutoCAD 
  Entire Section Water  
W-2.1.0 Typical Water Connection for 1" Service W-2.1.0 W-2.1.0
W-2.1.1 Typical Water Connection for 1-1/2" to 2" Service W-2.1.1
W-2.1.2 Typical Fire Service for 1-1/2" to 2" W-2.1.2
W-2.1.3 Typical Fire Service (Tapping Sleeve) W-2.1.3 W-2.1.3
W-2.1.4 Typical Connection (Tapping Sleeve) W-2.1.4
W-2.2.0 Typical Thrust Restraint Wedge Action Type Joints W-2.2.0 W-2.2.0
W-2.2.1 Typical Thrust Restrains Using Tie Rods and Friction Clamps W-2.2.1 W.2.2.1
W-2.2.2 Typical Thrust Block Details W-2.2.2 W-2.2.2
W-2.3.0 Water Main Trench Detail W-2.3.0 W-2.3.0
W-2.4.0 Gate Valve W-2.4.0 W-2.4.0
W-2.4.1 Typical Anchor Tee Installation W-2.4.1 W-2.4.1
W-2.4.2 Air Release Valve/Blow Off W-2.4.2 W-2.4.2
W-2.4.3 Valve Location at Intersection W-2.4.3 W-2.4.3
W-2.4.4 Water Gate Cover W-2.4.4 W-2.4.4
W-2.5.0 Fire Hydrant Installation W-2.5.0 W-2.5.0
W-2.6.0 Water Main Lowering Detail W-2.6.0 W-2.6.0
W-2.6.1 Water Crossing Under Railroad W-2.6.1 W-2.6.1
W-2.7.0 Detail of Cut and Remove of Water Connection 4" & Over W-2.7.0 W-2.7.0
W-2.8.0 Meter Installation W-2.8.0 W-2.8.0

Sewer Detail

Detail  Detail Title  PDF  AutoCAD 
   Entire Section Sewer  
S-3.1.0 Service Connection (Gravity) S-3.1.0 S-3.1.0
S-3.1.1 Service Connection (Saddle) S-3.1.1 S-3.1.1
S-3.1.2 Chimney S-3.1.2 S-3.1.2
S-3.1.3 Service Connection (Grinder) S-3.1.3 S-3.1.3
 S-3.2.0 Above Grade Clean Out S-3.2.0 S-3.2.0
S-3.3.0 Plug for Abandoning Sanitary Sewer S-3.3.0 S-3.3.0
S-3.3.1 Plug for Sanitary Sewer S-3.3.1 S-3.3.1
S-3.4.0 Typical Sewer Manhole S-3.4.0 S-3.4.0
S-3.4.1 Typical Drop Manhole (Outside) S-3.4.1 S-3.4.1
S-3.4.2 Forcemain Manhole S-3.4.2 S-3.4.2
S-3.4.3 Sewer Manhole Cover S-3.4.3 S-3.4.3
S-3.4.4 Manhole Seal S-3.4.4 S-3.4.4
S-3.5.0 Sewer Crossing S-3.5.0 S-3.5.0
S-3.6.0 Backwater Valve Assembly S-3.6.0 S-3.6.0
 S-3.7.0 Typical Grease Trap S-3.7.0 S-3.7.0
S-3.7.1 Typical Grease Trap Sizing & Notes S-3.7.1 S-3.7.1

Drainage Detail

 Detail Detail Title PDF  AutoCAD 
   Entire Section Drainage  
D-4.1.0 Single Grate Catch Basin D-4.1.0 D-4.1.0
D-4.1.1 Direct Inlet Catch Basin D-4.1.1 D-4.1.1
D-4.1.2 Dual Grate Catch Basin D-4.1.2 D-4.1.2
D-4.2.0 Drain Manhole D-4.2.0 D-4.2.0
D-4.2.1 Eccentric Manhole D-4.2.1 D-4.2.1
D-4.2.2 Sump Manhole D-4.2.2 D-4.2.2
D-4.3.0 Manhole and Catch Basins General Notes & Dimensions D-4.3.0 D-4.3.0
D-4.3.1 Raising Castings D-4.3.1 D-4.3.1
D-4.4.0 Rip Rap Apron at Pipe Outfalls D-4.4.0 D-4.4.0
D-4.4.1 Rip Rap Plunge Pool D-4.4.1 D-4.4.1
D-4.5.0 Typical HDPE Pipe Trench Detail D-4.5.0  D-4.5.0
D-4.6.0  Flared HDPE End Sections D-4.6.0 D-4.6.0
D-4.7.0 Subdrain D-4.7.0 D-4.7.0
D-4.8.0 Dry Well D-4.8.0 D-4.8.0

Roadway Detail

 Detail Detail Title PDF  AutoCAD 
  Entire Section Roadway   
R-5.1.0 Roadway Cross Section R-5.1.0 R-5.1.0
R-5.1.1 Cut & Fill Slopes R-5.1.1 R-5.1.1
R-5.1.2 Granite Curbs R-5.1.2 R-5.1.2
R-5.1.3 Bituminous Berms R-5.1.3 R-5.1.3
R-5.1.4 Pavement Transition R-5.1.4 R-5.1.4
R-5.1.5 Roadway Widening & Overlay 6' Wide or Greater R-5.1.5 R-5.1.5
R-5.1.6 Roadway Widening & Overlay 6' Wide or Less R-5.1.6 R-5.1.6
R-5.1.7 Pavement Details for Trench Restoration R-5.1.7 R-5.1.7
R-5.1.8 Continuous zone (CZ) Trench Restoration R-5.1.8 R-5.1.8
R-5.2.0 Guard Rail R-5.2.0 R-5.2.0
R-5.2.1 Guard Rail (Double Fence) R-5.2.1 R-5.2.1
R-5.3.0 Wheelchair Ramp Notes R-5.3.0 R-5.3.0
R-5.3.1 Wheelchair Ramp Type A R-5.3.1 R-5.3.1
R-5.3.2  Wheelchair Ramp Type B R-5.3.2 R-5.3.2
R-5.3.3 Wheelchair Ramp Type C R-5.3.3 R-5.3.3
R-5.3.4 Wheelchair Ramp Type D R-5.3.4 R-5.3.4
R-5.3.5 Wheelchair Ramp Type E R-5.3.5 R-5.3.5
R-5.3.6 Dectectable Warning Panel R-5.3.6 R-5.3.6
R-5.4.0 Typical Curb Cut Plan - Residential Driveways No Sidewalk R-5.4.0 R-5.4.0
R-5.4.1 Full Depth Driveway Apron - Section No Sidewalk R-5.4.1 R-5.4.1
R-5.4.2 Sidewalk Through Driveway R-5.4.2 R-5.4.2
R-5.4.3 Full Depth Driveway - Section Cement Concrete Sidewalk Crossing R-5.4.3 R-5.4.3
R-5.5.0 Cross Walk R-5.5.0 R-5.5.0
R-5.5.1 Decorative Cross Walk R-5.5.1 R-5.5.1
R-5.6.0 Steel Plate Installation R-5.6.0 R-5.6.0
R-5.7.0 Traffic Sign Installation Notes R-5.7.0 R-5.7.0
R-5.7.1 Traffic Sign Detail Sidewalk or Median Installation R-5.7.1 R-5.7.1
R-5.7.2 Traffic Sign Detail Non-Sidewalk Installation R-5.7.2 R-5.7.2
R-5.7.3 Street Name Sign Installation Notes R-5.7.3 R-5.7.3
R-5.7.4 Street Sign Detail Sidewalk Installation R-5.7.4 R-5.7.4
R-5.7.5 Street Sign Detail Non-Sidewalk Installation R-5.7.5 R-5.7.5
R-5.7.6 Granite Bound Detail R-5.7.6 R-5.7.6
R-5.8.0 Trench Detail for Communications Conduit R-5.8.0 R-5.8.0
R-5.8.1 Hand Hole for Communications Conduit R-5.8.1 R-5.8.1
R-5.8.2 Transition from Communications Hand Hole to Trench R-5.8.2 R-5.8.2