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September Initiatives

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September Graphic Medium.JPGA Zero Waste strategy supports all three of the generally accepted goals of sustainability - economic well being, environmental protection, and social well being:

Economic well-being is improved by enabling organizations to identify inefficiencies in processes, products and services and thereby to find cost-saving solutions to them.

  • Waste Reduction=Improved efficiency and lowers costs
  • Costs of compliance with regulations is reduced

Environmental protection is enhanced by reducing (ideally to zero) hazardous and solid wastes to nature and by reducing the need for energy generation and hydrocarbon extraction.

  • Reduces demand for resources and energy from nature
  • Reduces wastes to nature

Social well being is enhanced through efficiency improvements that allow more resources to be available for all.  In addition, more complete use of "wastes" will create jobs in return logistics and reprocessing activities.

  • Waste managers become resource managers
  • Opportunities in return logistics
  • New products from recovered materials 

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