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Recycling Drop-Off Center
The Recycling Drop-Off Center is located at 255 Mt. Wayte Avenue.  It is available to the permitted residents of Framingham.  Please see below for information obtaining a permit.

Recycling Center Pamphlet

Hours of Operation
Day               Hours
Thursday     8:00 am - 3:00 pm (Business & Residential RECYCLING ONLY)  
Friday         8:00 am  -3:00 pm        
Saturday     8:00 am -3:00 pm       
Sunday       11:00 am - 3:00 pm               

Recycling Center Policies
  • The Recycling Center is for permitted Framingham residents and local businesses only. A valid permit is required.  No exceptions!
  • All customers must stop at the guard shack first. Please follow posted guidelines and employee instructions; your courtesy is appreciated.
  • All materials covered under the State Waste Bans must be handled appropriately.  Materials must be separated according to these guidelines.
  • No commercial vehicles during Residential hours of operations (Friday thru Sunday).
  • Commercial use of this facility is prohibited during residential hours of operation.  No commercial vehicles will be allowed in the facility during this time period.
  • Construction / renovation material is not accepted.
  • Permits are non-transferable.
  • We reserve the right to revoke a permit at any time if facility use appears to be non-conforming.
  • All users must pay a per item FEE to dispose of the following items
    • Television/ Computer
    • Freon-containing items
    • Tires
    • Propane tanks
    • Sleeper sofas
    • All carpeting
    • Bulky soft goods

Obtaining a Permit

1. Permits are available at two locations:                             

  • Mt. Wayte Avenue Recycling Center during normal hours of operation
  • Public Works' Colonna Building, 100 Western Avenue (Mon-Fri, 8am - 3pm)

2. Present Vehicle registration at time of purchase and allow attendant to make a copy.

  • Registration must be current, non-commercial and show a Framingham address.
  • For leased vehicles, the accompanying Insurance Policy showing a Framingham address must be presented.
  • Residents whose vehicles do not conform to the above requirements may complete non-conforming vehicle application form for permit consideration.

3. Pay $10 fee with cash or check.

4. Allow employee to place permit on lower driver-side windshield.

Replacement Sticker Guidelines
  • If a windshield is replaced, or the vehicle is traded in before the end of the Calendar year a replacement permit may be obtained by scraping off the old permit and taking it to the Recycling Center during normal hours of operation.
  • Replacement stickers will not be granted free of charge unless old permit is presented intact and permitted number is legible.
  • Receipts will not be accepted for replacement stickers; the old stickers must be presented.

Business Recycling Program
All Framingham businesses are encouraged to use the Framingham Recycling Center to drop off recyclables every Thursday from 8am - 3pm.  Permits are $50 and are valid for the calendar year.  Only recyclable items and universal waste (fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, batteries) are permitted: no trash disposal allowed.

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