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Tripoli Neighborhood Substation
Tripoli Substation
The Framingham Police Department (FPD) “Tripoli Neighborhood Substation” is located at 904 Waverly St. The Tripoli Neighborhood Substation is one of the locations utilized by the downtown beat officers and offers additional workspace for patrol officers assigned to the area. The FPD Substation encourages neighborhood involvement by offering residents and businesses located on the Southwest side of town with a sustained police presence.

The Tripoli Neighborhood Substation provides the community with meeting space for area organizations wishing to use the location for small group meetings. For questions regarding your eligibility to use the FPD Substation or to schedule a meeting for your group, call Lieutenant Mike Siaba at 508-872-1212 Ext. 3212.

The Tripoli Neighborhood Substation is open Monday – Friday 6AM to 8AM, 11AM to 1PM, and 5PM to 7PM (hours may vary due to appointments). Citizens are encouraged to stop by the substation for crime prevention and community related information. The substation is not occupied at all hours. Those wishing to file a police report should call 508-872-1212 for an officer to respond. In case of an emergency dial


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