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The Framingham Historic District Commission (HDC) is comprised of seven regular members and five alternates appointed for overlapping three year terms by the Board of Selectmen. 

Insofar as possible, five of the seven regular members, and all five alternates, should be from the following categories.  The remaining two regular members will be "members at-large".

  • Architect
  • Historic District Resident
  • Licensed Realtor
  • Member of the Framingham Historical Society
  • South Middlesex-licensed lawyer

Historic District Commission Members

Name Position Term Ends
Gerald Couto, Chair Architect 2015
Jim Kubat Architect (alternate) 2016
Henry Field Attorney 2017
Vacant Attorney (alternate) n/a
Vacant District Resident n/a
Calvin Smith District Resident (alternate) 2015
Helen Lemoine History Center 2017
Amy Finstein History Center (alternate) 2015
Sue Bernstein, Vice-Chair Realtor   2015
Ted Grenham Realtor (alternate) 2017
Julie Ferrari At-Large 2016
Vacant At-Large n/a

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