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Open Space and Environmental Planning
The Community and Economic Development Department oversees a number of environmental planning initiatives and projects. The Department works with multiple local, regional, and state organizations in order to preserve our natural and open space resources for future generations.

Open Space and Recreation Plan
The Town of Framingham maintains an Open Space and Recreation Plan which it updates every five years. The Planning Department of Community and Economic Development, along with the Park and Recreation Department and the Conservation Commission assist the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee with the update process. 
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The Department is responsible for reviewing:

  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Environmental Notification Forms
  • Project plans and documents

Hazard Mitigation Planning
During 2004 this Department’s professional staff and interns worked with the CPT to:
  • Hold regular meetings and public hearings
  • Research natural hazard issues
  • Assist the Town’s consulting firm
  • Develop and distribute a Draft MHMP

The plan was updated in 2010:  Multiple Hazard Mitigation Plan

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