Acupuncture: Is there an acupuncture program for veterans and their families in Framingham?
Yes, Veterans Acupuncture Care offers free acupuncture every Saturday 10a-12p at St. Andrews Church, 3 Maple Street, Framingham. For more information please call 508-626-0896 or visit their website at

Veterans Services

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1. Acupuncture: Is there an acupuncture program for veterans and their families in Framingham?
2. Annuity: What is the Commonwealth's veterans annuity?
3. Benefits: What is a good source to find out what benefits a veteran or family member be entitled to?
4. Bonuses: What does the Commonwealth offer as Veterans bonuses?
5. Cash donation to veterans charities: How do I know which veterans chartities to give my money?
6. Cemeteries: Are there veterans cemeteries in Massachusetts?
7. Chapter 115 Veterans Benefits: What are chapter 115 benefits?
8. Education benefits: what education benefits are available to veterans?
9. Employment: What employment opportunities are there for veterans?
10. Facebook: Is Veterans Services on Facebook?
11. Grave Flags: Who puts the flags on the veteran’s grave every year?
12. ID cards: Where can I get a veterans photo ID card?
13. Medal of Honor (MOH) Recipients: Are there any MOH recipients from Framingham?
14. Medal of Liberty; who is eligable and how can I apply?
15. Medical Facilities run by the VA in Framingham?
16. Motor vechicle Benefits: Are there motor vehicle benefits for veterans?
17. Property taxes: Are there property tax exemptions for disabled veterans?
18. SAVE Team: What is the SAVE Team?
19. S.H.A.R.P. Team: Who is the SHARP Team?
20. Shelter Housing Services: what shelters are available for veterans?
21. Spouse and dependant benefits: Are there benefits for spouse and dependants of veterans?
22. Soldier's Home: are there long term care options for veterans?
23. Tax work-off program for Veterans: Does Framingham offer a property tax work-off program?
24. Transportaion to VA hospitals: Is there any public transportation to local VA hospitals?
25. Veterans Council: Does Framingham have a Town sponsored Veterans Council?
26. Veteran Status: am I a veteran?
27. Women veterans: are the specific services for women veterans?
28. Yoga: is there a yoga program for veterans in Framingham?