Can my barrel have an attached/ hinged lid?
We do not recommend it. For the safety of our collectors we ask that the barrels not have hinged or tethered lids. The attached or tethered covers however do actually pose a significant problem for the routine handling of refuse in trash containers. The lids, either tethered or attached, frequently catch on the truck or interfere with the dumping action of the container. This frequently will cause the collector, in the effort to overcome the cover catching or closing during the dumping action, to make an exaggerated movement while holding a heavy container. This has resulted in back and face injuries to our personnel. The collector typically needs both hands free to empty a container, one for the top of the container and the other for the bottom of the container to assist the lifting action and to tip the container into the truck hopper. When a loose cover catches on or in the truck, or interferes with that movement, the collector will react and try to compensate by freeing one of the hands to address the problem. This becomes even more difficult when the collector is performing this work in pouring rain or pelting snow and, like the US mail; we are out collecting refuse every day no matter what the environmental conditions may be. In addition, regulations are currently being promulgated that could prohibit there use in the future.

Solid Waste Management

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