Are we really saving money by limiting trash and barrel capacities?
Yes. In 2007 the Board of Selectmen reaffirmed this policy with the intention of not only protecting employees, but also as a way to increase recycling and cost savings through avoided trash disposal. With the combination of high disposal costs and recent tightening on all budgets, it has become necessary to continue to monitor the quantity of trash we dispose of weekly. For example, if we were to take what is perhaps the most common barrel tagged for non-compliance, the upright 45 gallon green barrel with wheels, and calculate the potential over weight estimations using this barrel and the number of households we service weekly, it could cost the Town an additional $23,348.53 per week.


45 gallon barrel holds 51 pounds
35 gallon barrel holds 40 pounds
= 11 lbs extra.
3 barrels per household x 11 lbs extra
= 33 lbs extra per household.
33 lbs extra per household x 16,796 households serviced per week.
= 554,268 lbs extra per week
= 277.134 tons
277.134 tons @ approx $84.25 per ton
= $23,348.53 extra/week

Solid Waste Management

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