I have been using this barrel for a long time and have not received a warning before, why?
The answer to this question is multi-facetted. Factors such as the employee safety, fiscal responsibility, and equitable policy enforcement influence the answer to this question. The policy upon which this enforcement is currently based was originally adopted in October of 1999. Organized and equitable enforcement of the policy began after it was reaffirmed in 2007. Enforcement was applied systematically to target the most severe offenders first with the largest barrels. Since early 2007 we have sent out more than 2,300 letters in an effort to educate our residents regarding the three barrel, 40 pound or 35 gallon capacity limit on trash and barrels. Barrel size enforcement was applied incrementally based on capacity. Currently we are in the last phase of the 50 to 36 gallon barrels.

Solid Waste Management

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1. I just returned home to find a non-compliance warning sticker on my barrel. What is it for?
2. I have been using this barrel for a long time and have not received a warning before, why?
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14. Are there any restrictions on what I can put in my trash?
15. So, what do I do with items that I cannot put in my trash?
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21. Can I use a borrowed or rental vehicle at the Recycling Drop-off Center?
22. Where can I get biodegradable leaf bags?
23. Are there any restrictions on the amount of trash and the size of the receptacle that can be placed for weekly curbside collection?
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