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Posted on: January 11, 2016

Hands All Together

Hands All Together must remain a broad collaboration and a work in progress. We invite and need your feedback.

Our approach seeks to share the lessons about police-community relations that minimize mistakes, reduce conflict, preserve rights and freedom, and provide greater safety.

As with many issues that are essential to our safety, preparation matters. We offer this site and app so you can study (and re-study) this information in advance of potential encounters and events. We especially hope you will share and discuss this content with your colleagues, families and friends — in particular, the young.

Our website and app exist only because of the continued contributions and insights of a community of organizations and individuals from diverse walks of life: law enforcement, civil rights, law and criminal defense, public policy, journalism, media and communications, business, education (including students), medicine and religion.

It is about knowing that disagreements between our people and the police are never won on the streets or in the heat of the moment. It is about getting you and the officer safely past the encounter. There will be time to find accountability — based on the facts and the law — often with the assistance of a lawyer, the courts, and other legal and community support.

With just a little "C.A.R.E." - by all sides - we can guide safer interactions between our people and the police.

C – Comply with the law

A – Act Orderly

R – Respect each other (with our words and actions)

E – Empathize—stand in each other’s shoes

Stay Safe on the Streets. Contest in the Courts.

We hope you will take the time to explore and study our full menu — and provide your feedback.

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