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The Framingham Planning Board is an elected reviewing authority established by the Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 41, Section 81A. The first Planning Board in the Town was established in 1914, and later became an elected board in 1924. 

Powers & Duties of the Planning Board

  • Adopt a master plan and official map for the Town (M.G.L. Chapter 41, Section 81A);
  • Adopt subdivision rules & regulations for the Town, and reviews preliminary and definitive subdivision plans (M.G.L. Chapter 41, Section 81K-81GG);
  • Drafts and submits zoning amendments for consideration by the Town for the Framingham                 Zoning By-law (M.G.L. Chapter 40A, Section 5);
  • Serves as a special permit granting authority for the Town;
  • Review of site plans, public way access permits, Scenic Roadway Modifications (M.G.L. Chapter         40, Section 15C) applications; and
  • Acts as an adviser on other municipal land use regulations. 
The Goal of the Planning Board is to provide a clear, efficient, fair, and open process for all land use development and planning projects. The Planning Board further strives to protect all natural resources, while encouraging a diverse land use base that maintains and provides new services, ensures a variety of employment opportunities, and supports tax base growth. 

Planning Board Regulations 
The Planning Board operates under the direction of the Planning Board Rules & Regulations, the Framingham Zoning By-laws, the Framingham General By-laws, the Framingham Subdivision Rules & Regulations, the Framingham Master Land Use Plan, and the Planning Board Project Review Guidelines

Applications Reviewed by the Planning Board
  • Approval Not Required (ANR)
  • Public Way Access Permit
  • Scenic Roadway Modification Permit
  • Site Plan Review Application
  • Special Permit Application
  • Preliminary & Definitive Subdivision
  • Chapter 43D: Expedited Permitting Projects
​Meeting Information and Meeting Schedule
The Planning Board meets weekly on Thursday nights throughout the year. Meetings are typically held in the Ablondi Room, 150 Concord Street, Framingham, MA 01702 at 7:00pm. Please check the agenda for the time, location, and any continuations of hearings or cancellation of meetings.

​Public Participation 

The Planning Board is comprised of five voting members who are elected for a three year term. The Planning Board includes:

  • Planning Board website page for review of current and archived development projects;
  • Planning Board Facebook page;
  • Public Meetings, which are available on live television  and accessible at a later date through video stream on a television, computer, or mobile device
  • Written notification to an abutter within 300' of a development project;
  • Notification of public hearings in the MetroWest Daily Newspaper; and/or
  • and as always the Planning Board Office encourages calls, emails, or drop-ins 
Planning Board Yearly Report 

For more information about the Framingham Planning Board, please reference the Framingham Planning Board Annual Report, 2015. 

Framingham Planning Board Members The Planning Board is comprised of five voting members who are elected for a three year term. The Planning Board includes: 

Member Serving Since Term Expiration  Precinct
Christine Long, Chair 2008 2017 2
Lewis Colten, Vice Chair 2013 2019 1
Victor Ortiz, Clerk  2013 2019 18
Thomas Mahoney  1999 2018 8
Stephanie Mercandetti 2012 2018 12
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