Planning Board

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The Framingham Planning Board is comprised of 5 elected members and 1 appointed associate member. The board is responsible for reviewing a wide range of residential and commercial development proposals.

The board works with project proponents and the community to help shape projects to minimize impacts to the community, while accommodating significant new development growth which provide:
  • New services
  • Excellent Employment Opportunities
  • Growing Tax Base
The Framingham Planning Board is also responsible for making careful studies of the resources, possibilities and needs of the town, which includes the master plan of the town.

The board meets weekly in the Memorial Building at the following address:
150 Concord St.
Framingham, MA 01702

All meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend. Most meetings can be viewed on the town internet website and on the local government channel.

​Board Members
Christine Long- Chair
Stephanie Mercandetti- Vice Chair
Lewis Colten- Clerk
Thomas Mahoney
Victor Ortiz