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The projects listed within this page are projects that were applied for and permitted in 2015. The Planning Board and Framingham staff work together to ensure a permitting process that is streamlined, transparent, and efficient for all users. If a project can not be found below, please check the Projects Under Review website. 

The Planning Board prepares an Annual Report that reflects all of the permitting and planning activities reviewed and conducted during 2015.

Below are all of the projects that were reviewed by the Planning Board during the 2015, calendar year.

Do you have Questions or Comments?

Questions and comments are always welcome - if you have questions or comments regarding the 2015 project archive please contact the Planning Board Office either by phone or email 

Public Records Request

The information provided within each archive project listed above is not a complete copy of all documents within the project file - for a copy of additional information please submit a records request through the Request a Public Records portal 
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