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The Zoning Board of Appeals is seeking a new Associate member. If interested, please contact the Board of Selectmen's office.

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The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the Special Permit Granting Authority for projects that do not meet the requirements of the Town’s zoning bylaw.

The ZBA’s function is to approve or deny requests for variances and special permits, and issue findings through the public hearing process by determining if the required criteria, as stated in the zoning bylaw, have been met.

The ZBA also administers the Comprehensive Permit process for affordable housing as set forth under M.G.L. Chapter 40B.

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Appeal, Finding, 
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15-51 518 Pleasant Street
The Board approved the Special Permit for Assisted Living with conditions and the decision can be found here.

Beginning with 2016 applications, ZBA decisions can be accessed by selecting the "Result" in the table below.

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1st Hearing Decision Date

16-01 62 Stonybrook Rd Margaret & Claire Henry Variance for porch remodel in front setback 1/19/16 1/19/16 Granted
16-02 21 Weld St Richard Barbieri Special Permit for duplex 1/19/16 1/19/16 Granted
16-03 483 Belknap Rd Alan & Sondra Greenwald Variance for attached garage addition 3/8/16 3/8/16 Granted
16-04 3 Glen St Reinaldo Faria Amend Special Permit 15-47 for duplex  3/8/16 3/8/16 Granted
16-05 1115 Worcester Rd Mohammad Shams Special Permit for used car sales (#01-34 lapsed) 3/8/16 6/21/16 Granted
16-06 725 Concord St Victor Hernandez Finding for bathroom/bedroom addition 3/8/16 3/8/16 Granted
16-07 1490 Concord St Warren Fowler Special Permit for conversion of existing non-conforming use on non-conforming lot 4/12/16 4/12/16 Granted
16-08 1036 Concord St Donna Eibye Variance for shed within side setbacks 4/12/16 4/12/16 Granted
16-09 32 Waveney Rd Bryon & Kathryn Collins Variance for 2nd 2-car garage within front & side setbacks 4/12/16 4/12/16 Granted
16-10 240 Grove St Reginald Pearless Variances for frontage and lot width to subdivide lot 6/7/16    
16-11 75 Agnes Dr Carl & Kathy Myers Variance for a garage addition 6/7/16 6/21/16 Granted
16-12 1620 Worcester Rd Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless Special Permit for WCF, Variance for pole height 6/7/16 6/21/16 Granted
16-13 1377 Concord St Terry & Virginia Combs Finding for 12'x18' addition 6/7/16 6/21/16 Granted
16-14 412 Water St Rafael Samper Finding and Variance for addition 6/7/16 6/21/16 Granted
16-15 19 Flutie Pass BRE DDR Shoppers World LLC Use Variance for mixed use, Variance for building height 6/7/16    
16-16 20-22 Indian Head Heights Town of Framingham Special Permit for WCF, Variance for pole height 6/7/16    
16-17 10 Campbell Rd David Lewis Appeal determination of a lodging house 6/7/16