Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the permit granting authority and the special permit granting authority for projects that do not meet the requirements of the town’s zoning bylaws.

The ZBA’s function is to approve or deny requests for variances and special permits, and issue findings through the public hearing process by determining if the required criteria, as stated in the zoning bylaw, have been met.

The ZBA also administers the comprehensive permit process for affordable housing as set forth under M.G.L. Chapter 40B.

Appointed by the selectmen, the Zoning Board of Appeals is made up of 3 full board members and 4 associate members. Additionally, the associate members comprise the sign appeals board.

  • Philip R. Ottaviani, Jr., Chair (2015)
  • Susan S. Craighead, Vice Chair (2017)
  • Stephen E. Meltzer, Clerk (2016)
  • Edward (Ted) Cosgrove, Associate and Sign Chair (2017)
  • Kevin J. Gatlin, Associate (2017)
  • Robert Snider, Associate (2017)
  • Vacant, Associate