Main Street Retaining Wall

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In the fall of 2014, the Town performed a visual evaluation of the retaining wall adjacent to 13 and 17 Main Street.  It was concluded that there were several sections of structural failure and likely an eventual collapse in the future if no action is taken to correct it.  

A consultant performed a more thorough analysis.  Based on this analysis, it was recommended that a temporary double-face median barrier with a temporary screen be installed in front of the retaining wall to protect pedestrians from falling blocks.  It was also recommended that the entire retaining wall be replaced with a permanent concrete stone-faced retaining wall as a permanent solution.

The retaining wall is located behind the western sidewalk on Main Street just south of the Edgell Road/High Street intersection in Framingham, MA. The total length of the existing stone wall is 190’±. The top of proposed gravity wall was matched to the existing top of wall elevations. A portion of west sidewalk would need to be patched with concrete due to excavation required for the reconstruction of the wall. The closest structure to the proposed retaining wall is the two‐story building at 13 Main Street. This adjacent structure will be protected with a temporary excavation support for a length of 55’‐0” ±.

A temporary excavation support will also be provided in front of the wall to avoid any impacts to the existing utility duct banks.